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Friday, July 1, 2011

Project Graduation 2011 -- another winner!

Project Graduation 2011 was another successful event in this 50+ year Ridgewood tradition. As I think I've mentioned in the past, Iam a huge huge fan of Project Graduation. I co-chaired it in 2007 with Tracy Autera (whose mother, Barbara Dittrick, chaired it in the 80s). Next year, Tracy's sister Lindsey Barclay will co-chair with Kelly Coakley for 2012. As my son is a member of that class, I'm excited to be involved again.

The theme of PG11 was Ice Hotel. The BF gym, hallway and cafeteria were transformed into an icy winter wonderland. The gym was cooled with temporary air conditioning, adding to the effect. As usual, the kids all had a great time, as mentioned in a letter in today's Ridgewood News (click here).

Project Graduation 2012 parents are brainstorming ideas for a theme. If you have a good idea, send it to ProjectGrad2012@gmail.com.

Here are the past few Project Graduation themes:

1997 - Honey I Shrunk the Kids
1998 - Western
1999 - Wizard of Oz
2000 - Cruise
2001 - NYC
2002 - Rock and Roll
2003 - Down at the Shore
2004 - Pirates of the Caribbean
2005 - Survivor
2006 - Harry Potter
2007 - Midnight at the Oasis
2008 - Beijing Olympics
2009 - Batman
2010 - Alice in Wonderland
2011 - Ice Hotel

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Anonymous said...

We took the tour - it is amazing the quality (and volume) of the work put together by Ridgewood parents.