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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Love letter to New York City.

I love this video love letter to New York City, created by the talented Andrew Clancy who shot the video and edited it together. The music is beautiful, too.

A Year in New York from Andrew Clancy on Vimeo.

Read more about the video by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

The video is very beautiful, and also the music. Thanks for sharing it. (I did think that the video and music didn't go well together, each individually was great.)

Anonymous said...


Could you please post your thoughts on the resignation of the RHS principal?

Laurie said...

Hello. Sorry for the delay in responding. To some, Mr. Lorenz’s decision to leave Ridgewood was not unexpected, given his long commute to be with his family in Alabama. To others, his resignation represents a "sudden" change. As you probably know, change can be uniquely difficult for a school community. However, I have no doubt that Ridgewood High School will rise to the occasion. After all, we still have what we’ve always had: excellent teaching and administrative staff, awesome students and committed parents.

Overall, Jack has been a good principal. From my perspective, he arrived at RHS at a time when most students, staff and parents were ready for change, and like any good principal, he championed improvement in several areas. As a member of the Board of Education, I always felt that I had a good relationship with him, and he was helpful to me when I first campaigned, and later after I was elected, by giving me an in-school perspective on school administration.

Hopefully, the HS administration, Ed Center and BOE can minimize the disruption and swiftly complete a successful search for a new principal.

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I hope I am a bit confused by what I saw on Twitter feed on this website. Do you agree with what Rurik Halaby wrote? All of it?

Laurie said...

I'm not sure what "all" Mr. Halaby wrote...I don't know if I've read all of it. I just saw the tweet from the Ridgewood Blog about "firing back at blog posters," and I felt sympathetic toward him re: the frustration and futility of trying to argue with anonymous folks on that blog about what he said or didn't say in the past. I've read misquotes, half quotes and outright lies attributed to me over there, and I learned the hard way that it just doesn't pay to get into a "he said, she said" thing.

Anonymous said...

I get it and agree with you on that issue. On anonymous blogs not only are you arguing with the anonymous, you can't be sure whether you are debating one person or several, whether people are serious or just being provocative.
Of course, I am posting here anonymously, so that is a bit ironic, but I prefer the privacy.

Laurie said...

Not to mention...one time, someone posted under my name on that other blog. Basically, they impersonated me (and said things that I didn't agree with.) It was a little surreal!

Anonymous said...

That's outrageous!