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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dr. Fishbein updates parents on status of referendum grants

The following information was sent to parents via eNews yesterday:

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Daniel Fishbein has received confirmation that the Ridgewood school district will in fact receive its state grant monies for the referendum projects. The announcement that the Ridgewood Public Schools can proceed as planned with its voter-approved $48 million expansion and renovation plans came after an earlier posting last week that the projects would be put on hold through the gubernatorial transition period.

“On Friday afternoon, January 8, after we had issued a press release that we were putting our referendum projects on hold, I received written notification that both the current state administration and the incoming governor’s staff have directed that grants that have passed local referenda will be processed,” said Dr. Fishbein. “I am pleased to have confirmation that we can continue with the projects as planned and as approved by the voters.” The written notice was sent to Dr. Fishbein by an official from the New Jersey Schools Development Authority (NJSDA), the agency responsible for administering the grant monies.

According to Assistant Superintendent for Business Angelo DeSimone, the grant contracts are expected to be executed later this month. Ridgewood is slated to receive approximately $10 million in state grants, having qualified for the award under the New Jersey Schools Development Authority section 15.

On Friday, January 8, the Ridgewood Public Schools posted a press release stating that the district’s construction plans would be delayed pending the release of $10 million in state contributions to the projects by the incoming Christie administration. Later that day, NJSDA representatives contacted the superintendent to say that the promised grant monies would be forthcoming.

“Last Friday I said that we were hoping for the best case scenario, which would allow the process to continue and the grants be executed as promised. Today, I am pleased to say that we can go forward with the referendum projects,” said Dr. Fishbein.


Anonymous said...


Is there an outline of how/where/when the money will be spent (all of it, not just the state grant)?

I assume that there are RFP's to be processed for the big ticket items.

Will a schedule come about via the standard monthly BOE meetings?


Laurie said...

You can read various outlines of where the money will be spent on the district website (http://ridgewood.k12.nj.us) Click on District Administration: Bond Referendum 09

On that page you will find the Referendum09 Power Point which gives a bullet-point list of where the money will be spent.

Yes, a more detailed schedule for construction will be discussed at BOE meetings and will be posted on the website. The district is currently working on the logistics.
You could also click on Fact Sheet 09/17/09 for an outline, or Bond Referendum Project Costs.

The expansion plans for GW, Hawes, Ridge and Willard are also on the site.

You are correct that pretty much everything must go out to bid. Currently our architects are working on drawings which will need to be complete before the bidding process.