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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Great blogs to follow if you're interested in education.

A new list of the "Top 100 School Administrators' Blogs' was recently published and it looks like a great compilation and a really useful and fascinating resource, especially for information about technology and learning. All the big guns are there, plus lots of amazing little blogs from around the country. You'll find big picture theoretical discussions about how kids learn...opinions about how schools should be run or financed...interesting perspectives on teaching and leading...and lots of great information about how 21st century technology is being put to creative and successful use in classrooms around the country.

A lot of the blogs on the list are those that I already follow via RSS feed or on Twitter. Even more are new to me -- I wish I had time to read them all every day.

And one of them holds particular interest -- because it's mine! My blog is the only one listed in the School Board category. What does that mean? Hmmm...mostly it means that there aren't a lot of school board members blogging. I realize that. But there are a few, and I follow their posts from time to time. I'll share links to them, if you're interested. But I have to admit -- it's not always so interesting to read about local school events in Ohio or Idaho. That is, until they are faced with a challenge similar to something we face in Ridgewood, then it's truly fascinating!

Anyway, check out the Top 100 list (featuring yours truly). Bookmark it and see what else is going on in the big world of education.

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