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Saturday, February 7, 2009

A lesson from Jamboree

So tonight is the last night of Jamboree. I just wanted to commend the parents who work so hard to put on this show and raise money for scholarships for Ridgewood High School students. It's absolutely staggering. Being backstage the past few nights in preparation for my tiny walk-on cameo with the rest of the Board of Ed, it's just such a great energy and sense of teamwork. There is nothing like seeing a group of men, probably "regular" businessmen during the day, backstage in costume and make-up, off in a corner practicing their tap dancing one more time. Or a group of moms, who undoubtedly look pretty pulled-together when they leave the house on a typical day, willing to go onstage in lingerie or cheerleader outfits or zombie costumes (or dressed as a Hanukkah bush!). Everyone involved in Jamboree has worked so hard, giving hours of time when job worries and financial stresses are all around us. Like the parents of countless other groups (sports boosters, HSAs, all sorts of volunteers), what the Jamboree parents give to the kids of Ridgewood is much more than $55,000 in scholarships (a remarkable amount given our current economy), but also a sense of community and support, the knowledge that the parents of Ridgewood are right behind you, willing to do crazy things to help you go to college, follow your dreams and give support to your own kids one day.

Tonight's show begins at 8:00. Tickets will be available at the door -- you should come!

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Melinda Sohval said...

I just came across your lovely column expressing your appreciation for the Jamboree Crowd. As the aforementioned Chanukah Bush and first time Jamboreer, I really appreciate the recognition, as my children were not nearly as please with my costume! It's important to keep in mind it'.s for the kids,as your article so aptly does.