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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Misc Board of Ed stuff this week

What's going on with the Board of Ed this week?

Monday night we have a regular Board meeting at 7:30. Click here for the agenda. Some points of possible interest include: a discussion of a revision to the fees charged for the use of school facilities by outside groups, and a revision to the activity fees for middle school and high school students.

Wednesday I'll be at the Fields meeting in the early morning.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights Board members be making our traditional cameo appearance in Jamboree. (It's a great show again this year and it raises thousands of dollars for scholarships. Come watch the show! Click here for ticket info.)

Did you read Dr. Fishbein's Q&A on the referendum in last Friday's Ridgewood News? If I had to choose, I'd pick this as the most important (or most commonly asked) Q&A in the list:

Q: Why present a bond referendum, especially given the downturn in the economy?
A: The facilities assessment process identified needs that will continue to exist and grow to become more costly if they are deferred. Importantly, a state grant-aid and debt-service program is now available for qualified projects: any aid or debt service that we secure through this program will reduce the burden on Ridgewood taxpayers. The economic downturn is also a good time to get competitive bids, as reports from other New Jersey districts indicate.

Have a great week!

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