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Monday, June 15, 2009

Agenda for tonight's meeting

Good morning! On the agenda for tonight's Board of Ed meeting:
• Review of projects for the proposed referendum
• Discussion of Valley Hospital proposed zoning change and impact on students
• Various other approvals of staff appointments, field trips
• Rescinding of approval of resignation of Angelo DeSimone, Business Administrator

Watch the meeting online by clicking here or come on down to the Ed Center. We start at 7:30.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Angelo is coming back to the District -- he is a great administrator.

It's too bad that the Usual Suspects are whining about it over on that other blog. Those people need to find something better to do with their lives than launching character attacks.

Anonymous said...

An unrelated issue - the sound quality on the BOE webcasts is very soft and poor. Can it be inproved?

Laurie said...

We have been working on improving the sound quality for YEARS (and I am not exaggerating) -- first for the TV broadcasts and now for the webcasts. I was told a new "fix" had been identified recently...I will find out what the status is.

I am sorry for the difficulty with sound. We really do want the public to hear every word spoken at our meetings!

Anonymous said...

Could Dr. Fishbien's renovations presentation be posted online?

Laurie said...

The info is on the District website, under Board of Ed and "2009 Bond Referendum Planning."

Here's the link: