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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Arrow, RHS Literary Magazine 1921

I found this 1921 issue of The Arrow, Ridgewood High School's magazine, on eBay. It's filled with editorials, features, poetry, jokes, ads, etc. I think every now and then I may post a little something from its pages, just for fun. I'll start with this one:

Lest We Forget
by E.W. Class of '22
We students here in Ridgewood High think, as a rule, that we ARE the school. We enthusiastically support and praise our student organization, the Arrow, the A.A., the Musical Clubs, Athletic Teams, etc., but do we very often stop to think of a certain group which has a very important part in making R.H.S. what it is—namely, the Faculty? Unfortunately, the natural tendency seems to be to forget the fine work that our teachers are doing quietly and unassumingly, day after day. We do not fully appreciate the spirit, energy, and effort which they put unstintingly into the tiresome task of teaching us—and it is some job, to say the least.
Let us try, this year, to co-operate with our Faculty. Let us realize that every member of it is working for us, and wants to work with us, if we are only willing. Why not think of our teachers as real friends, instead of as unfeeling and mechanical beings? The Faculty is out to help us. How are we going to respond?

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