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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Monday's Board of Ed meeting will be introspective...

So this Monday there is a regular public meeting of the Board of Ed (earlier start time 5:30), with a fairly light agenda since it's summer. But before we start the regular business, we'll be conducting our annual "Board Retreat." You may remember my comments about this last year, when I was introduced to the concept. The name "Board Retreat" is a bit misleading...we don't go anywhere, we don't "retreat" anywhere...we'll be at the same table we're always at. BUT we will spend some time talking about the Board and how we conduct business.

We'll start by reviewing our self-evaluation. This is done with a rep from the New Jersey School Board's Association. One of their services is to collect our individual/anonymous evaluations (which we completed last month) and summarize the scores and comments into a report. This is what we'll be discussing tomorrow. Topics will include:
Planning (planning, mission, goal-setting)
Policy (development, review and revision)
Student Achievement (curriculum review and evaluation)
Finance (oversight)
Board Operations (meeting procedures, decision-making skills)
Board Performance (confidentiality, listening, conflict management)
Board/Superintendent Relationship (roles, responsibilities, communication)
Board/Staff Relationships (personnel policies, recognition, expectations)
Board and Community (communication, involvement)

After tomorrow's meeting, I'd like to post the full self-evaluation document here, just in case someone wants to review it. Perhaps we'll get it on the district website.

I think self evaluation is an important activity for us. It's good to be introspective and look at our past year with a critical eye. Should be interesting...tune in to our webcast by clicking here (available live and also as a recording after the meeting).

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