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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First day of school...

Well, for our family the first day of school (10th grade) was pretty smooth. I had to go the Fields Committee meeting at 7:00 AM so I missed Pete's send-off (and obligatory photo on the porch). That was kinda sad but oh well. (Love those 7 AM Fields meetings!) Pete said the well-intentioned but oh, so silly three police officers were back, posted at the intersection of Brookside and Ridgewood Ave. across from the high school (blocking traffic, I might add). I realize I'm going out on a limb here to criticize a "safety" initiative, but I still think this very visible but ineffective plan is making things worse. Someday I'll write more on why that is...

At school, it looks like quite a few of Pete's teachers have made their classroom pages on the new school/district website. That's encouraging! (It took us a while to find them...they're listed under "Staff and Classroom Pages" and not under "Departments.") I hope everyone is checking out the new website. Don't be thrown-off by the "log in" or "registration" boxes -- I'm told that the log-in/personal pages is a feature that will be activated sometime this year. And the calendars will hopefully be updated more fully soon.

School was over at around noon -- don't want to overwhelm them (or the teachers?) on the first day! I loved seeing the parade of students walking toward downtown...this Fall's Day 1 "uniforms" appeared to be flow-y, floral tops and jean shorts for girls and loose t-shirts and long shorts for boys. Did they all coordinate their outfits on Facebook?

I wish hope everyone has a great year!

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