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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Visit the High Line in NYC

Just a little side note -- I can't say enough about how great the new High Line park is in Manhattan. Go visit while the weather is still nice! There's a story in today's Record (not posted online for some reason) or visit the website here for maps and info. We went on Sunday -- the High Line is the old abandoned elevated railway that used to carry goods and supplies among the factories of the Meatpacking District and Chelsea.(I used to work with one of the guys who had the idea for the park and made it happen after 9+ years of work, fundraising, etc.) The High Line is three stories up -- covered with plants and trees and a beautiful walkway, benches, great views of the Hudson River and the surrounding old buildings. It's very well designed, incorporating the old tracks (some of them still run "into" the former factories). My favorite part is the "sundeck" with teak lounge chairs mounted to the old train rails. It's a great public space -- on Sunday it was packed with people strolling...we even saw a small wedding being performed down at the lower end of the promenade. There is elevator access, restrooms and drinking fountains. And at about 14th street head down to Chelsea Market and pick up a picnic lunch to enjoy up amongst the gardens.


Anonymous said...

Given Ridgewood's political views on the President's speech to students,
they should probably consider being a part of Alabama or Mississippi. They seem to share the same views.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please. Don't be an apologist for the mistakes of Obama and blame them on the residents of Ridgewood. The "lesson plan" was flawed from the start. If it weren't, then why was it rewritten?

Anonymous said...

what are the "mistakes of Obama?" So the lesson plan was rewritten . Who cares? It was never about the lesson plan. To use or not use the lesson plan was certainly up to local schools to decide. The point was the speech, by the elected President of the U.S. we should have had the respect and good citizenship to listen to a freakin' speech. Sending a message that when you don't agree with someone you should just not listen, that's not a very good lesson for kids.