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Friday, October 2, 2009

"When the going gets tough, the tough support our schools."

Oh boy, do I wish I had written that. I discovered that great line on a website called YourSFPublicSchools.org -- it's a new website from the San Francisco Unified School District, designed to educate San Franciscans about their public schools and engage the city's residents in a conversation about the relationship between strong public schools and a strong city. It's part of a promotion and advertising campaign, at the heart of which are 16 "new rules for our public schools." The headline on today's post is actually San Francisco's New Rule #1. And I'd like to borrow it here in Ridgewood.

I have not had time to explore much of the YourSFPublicSchools.org website, but I like the tone and flavor of the whole thing. As they say, "It's the 21st century. The rules have changed. And with your support, our schools can change for the better."

I wonder what "new rules" we could use here in Ridgewood? I wonder if we have the capability to look at our schools and identify what should be changed...to have a real dialogue...to work together. Quite honestly, I do believe we have the capability. Do we have the energy?

Will you forgive me if I tie this "when the going gets tough" rule to our referendum? How could I resist?
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