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Monday, October 19, 2009

Public Meetings on Bond Referendum

I'm going to be at the BF HSA meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) night -- along with Dr. Fishbein (Superintendent), Mr. DeSimone (Business Administrator) and Board members Joseph Vallerini and Bob Hutton -- to discuss the upcoming Bond Referendum and answer questions.

While we're on the subject, following is the schedule of upcoming meetings throughout town. Feel free to attend any of these meetings -- either HSA meetings or come to one of the Community Meetings on 10/27 or 11/30. This is your chance -- every question answered!

10/27 7:30 p.m.
Community Meeting @ GW Auditorim

11/17 9:15 AM
Ridge School HSA

11/17 7:00 PM
Somerville School HSA

11/18 9:00 AM (beginning of meeting)
GW Middle School HSA

11/18 9:15 AM (end of meeting)
Hawes School HSA

11/30 7:30 PM
Community Meeting @ GW Auditorium

Also, there will be a day of school tours, so you can see some of the conditions and needs close-up. Date TBD -- I'll let you know.

(In case you're wondering, Dr. Fishbein and others have already attended meetings at Federated HSA, Learning Services HSA, Willard HSA, RHS HSA, Travell HSA, Orchard HSA.)

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