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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Internet Safety for Parents: June 9 @ BF Middle School

As just ONE part of the complete conversation we should all be having on students' online lives, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Computer Crimes Unit will be presenting an in-depth presentation on Internet Safety, hosted by Ridgewood, Allendale, Glen Rock, Midland Park, and Paramus on June 9, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. at Benjamin Franklin Middle School. The presentation, entitled “Staying Safe in Cyberspace – Internet Safety for Parents,” is described as "a comprehensive examination of today’s Internet and the dangers that lurk inside chat rooms, instant messages, e-mail and blogs."

As I've stated before, I believe we as a community need to keep talking about our attitudes toward technology in general and our expectations, hopes and plans for technology in our children's lives. Safety is of course important, so this session -- which has been in the works for a long time -- is worthwhile. But I don't want parents to be so scared that they try to hide their kids from the Internet in general. I hope we will be able to schedule some meetings on the positive side soon!

Anyway, back to this event, according to the press release from the Prosecutor's Office, "Through their dynamic, intriguing and eye-opening presentation, complete with vivid graphics and streaming video clips, the Computer Crimes Detectives hope to educate parents about the seedier side of the Internet. The goals of this presentation are to discuss the basic functions of the Internet, to highlight current Internet trends and to illustrate the associated risks facing children of all ages. After what will be a shocking display of the dangers associated with online communication, they will turn to preventative measures and effective solutions to protect children, many of whom know more about computers than the average parent."

“The explosion of the Internet has proven to be most influential with the youngest of generations, namely our children,” said Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli. He continued, “Protecting them on the World Wide Web, a truly unregulated atmosphere, is a tremendous task that needs to begin at home, where children are indeed most vulnerable.”

The press release continues, "The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Computer Crimes Unit, including the complementary Bergen County Computer Crimes Task Force, consists of Investigators from around the County and has the vast responsibility of deterring and detecting Internet crime. Many of their cases involve predators who target children through the Internet. To that end, Detectives who combat Internet crime have recognized that their approach must also include a strong education initiative involving parents and children who surf the Web. This proactive mechanism is in place in order to prevent children in Bergen County from stumbling into areas of the Internet where they can fall prey to an online predator."

"Prosecutor John Molinelli and Chief Steven Cucciniello urge all parents and guardians to attend this Internet safety presentation. It is their hope that by having skilled, well-versed computer crimes Investigators, coupled with parents armed with a working knowledge of the Internet and its pitfalls, the children of this County are well-protected while exploring the World Wide Web."

For additional information about this event, please contact Maureen Rusnak of Ridgewood Public Schools at mrusnak@ridgewood.k12.nj.us. For information about Internet Safety related issues, please contact D/Lieutenant Andrew W. Donofrio at ADonofrio@bcpo.net or Educational Outreach Coordinator D/Sergeant John DeVoe at JDeVoe@bcpo.net.

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