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Sunday, May 16, 2010

On the agenda for Monday’s meeting of the BOE.

Tomorrow’s Regular Public Meeting of the Board of Education will be preceded by our special meeting with the Village Council at 5:30 p.m. at Village Hall. At that first meeting, we will learn what the Council has decided to do with our district budget – cut it more or leave it as proposed. The VC will make a resolution and vote. Then at 7:30 the BOE will reconvene at the Ed Center (third floor) for our meeting.

Some of the items on the BOE agenda:

-- Approving another set of revised/updated policies/regulations.
-- More staff changes, appointments, resignations, retirements, etc.
-- Approval to move the BOE’s banking services to Columbia Bank (taking advantage of a higher interest rate)
-- Approval of bids for asbestos remediation at Willard, replacement of the “window wall” at Glen, Locker/Bathroom renovations at RHS
-- Approval of any budget cut from the Village Council

Discussion items will include the state of New Jersey’s latest application for the Race to the Top, the district-wide Parent Survey proposed for later this month, charter school applications, Valley Hospital and the BOE member committee assignments.

As always, the BOE meeting will be broadcast on Channel 77 (Cablevision) or live webcast on the District website (click here).

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