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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thank you, Ridgewood Education Foundation!

The other night I attended a reception that the Ridgewood Education Foundation hosted to celebrate the recipients of its grants during the 2009-10 school year. It was really nice to spend some time talking with teachers, students and community members and learning about their projects that won REF grants. Following is the list of grants awarded this year – such a great range of projects, disciplines and activities. Congratulations both to the grant recipients and to the REF for its successful support of our students and teachers.

$850...RHS -- The Last Full Measure (Study @ Gettysburg Battlefield)
$920...BFMS -- Teaching Chemistry through Properties of Matter
$375...BFMS -- Motion, Forces and Energy Illustrated with K’nex
$1000...Orchard -- Orchard Community Garden
$1410...Somerville -- Growing Readers: Planting Seeds of Guided Reading
$1000...Travell -- Travell Reading Garden
$975...Willard -- Willard School Math & Science Theme Day 2010
$500...Glen -- Dinosaurs Rock!
$950...Hawes -- Shoot for the Moon: Tales of Astronomy, Stargazing, and Space
$500...Orchard -- Building Bridges Through Books
$2864...Ridge, Orchard & Somerville -- S.T.A.M.P. Out Bullying
$350...Somerville -- Ridgewood: Our Community Through Art
$1065...Somerville -- Storming into 5th Grade
$758...Willard -- Paws for Literacy Club
$1650...Willard -- Willard’s World of Wellness
$1398...RHS -- Physics of Vision: Visible Light & the Human Eye
$293...Orchard -- The Life Cycle of a Chick
$1500...RHS -- Electrify the Strings
$1625...RHS -- The Way of the Brush: East Meets West
$350...Willard -- Willard Leading the Way
$660...BFMS -- The Power of the Graphic Novel

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