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Monday, February 14, 2011

RHS student scientists.

I’m back! Actually, I wasn’t really gone, at least not physically. But I was seriously underwater on way too many projects for my clients. As a long-time freelancer, I learned long ago that there is really no such thing as saying “no” to one’s clients. In this competitive marketplace and slow economy, I can’t afford to lose any work, so…when it rains it pours and all I can do is hang on and focus. This week, I'm done with a couple of projects, soI can breathe a bit more. I’ve got some catching up to do on blog posts.

First up: science! At last week’s Board of Ed meeting, we heard about an amazing program happening at the high school. Last year, students working in partnership with Stevens Institute of Technology under a grant from the National Science Foundation created solar cells using the juice from blueberries and the powder from powdered donuts. They showed the working solar cells at Super Science Saturday last March. This year, approximately 50 students in several teams are creating a water splitter. The naturally-created solar cells will power the water splitter, which will create hydrogen gas (the cleanest form of energy in existence).

This is real science, people. I love that this project is so popular at RHS, with all 50 students participating after school and during lunch – on their own time. What a great project and a testament to the RHS teachers who are inspiring them. Can’t wait to see this new project (creating hydrogen energy, really) on display at this year’s Super Science Saturday on March 12. (More info click here.)

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