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Thursday, May 5, 2011

First track meet at BF on Saturday.

The new track at Ben Franklin Middle School is being striped today, will need to cure tomorrow and will be ready for the inaugural track meet this Saturday, according to Ridgewood High School track coach Jacob Brown. "Many race winners will come away with new track records, even if short lived," Brown said in an email.

The meet will be an open USATF meet, so it's open to athletes of all ages. I'm not sure how interested runners get entered in races. If I find out anything, I'll update this post with the info.

There will be some opening day words beginning at 9:30 AM, a singing of the Star Spangled Banner, and then at 10:00 the first race will start, with Superintendent Dan Fishbein shooting the gun for the start.

Thank you again to the residents of Ridgewood for approving the referendum that allowed this excellent facility to be built for our students and our community.

Come on down to BF this Saturday to celebrate the beginning of a new era in Ridgewood Track & Field!

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