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Friday, May 27, 2011

BOE and Council meetings broadcast on FIOS!

Finally! I'm so happy to learn that Ridgewood has public access channels on Verizon FIOS. This is something I started working on so long ago with late Councilwoman Annie Zusy, probably in the first month of my term on the Board of Education. From a purely selfish point of view, as a FIOS customer, I wanted to watch Village Council meetings without having to go out to another weeknight meeting. As a BOE member, I wanted to ensure all residents had a chance to see Board of Ed meetings. The Village and Ed Center have now got it all worked out.

Village Council meetings will be broadcast on FIOS Channel 34. BOE meetings will either be on Channel 33 or 34 (the info I saw was unclear...I guess we'll know by the time of the next BOE meeting, which is June 13).

Both BOE and VC meetings will continue to be shown on Cablevision Channel 77.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! Thanks for your efforts on this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie, you may not remember me, but a while back I told you that I was having trouBle viewing the archived meetings on the BOE website. Apparently, friends of mine have been having the same problem and mac vs. pc or operating system does not seem to be the issue. I know of at least Verizon and Optimum customers with this same problem. I know you said you would check into it. Were you able to find anything out?

Laurie said...

Hello. I was not able to find anything out. I am able to view archived webcasts, and I was unable to find anyone who was having problems...I asked about 10 friends to check.

I suggest you contact the IT Dept at the Ed Center. To be honest, I'm not sure whom you should contact. Try Georgia Abrunzo and see if she can point you to the proper person for help. gabrunzo@ridgewood.k12.nj.us

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thank you.