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Thursday, June 9, 2011

RHS Class of 2011 College Destinations.

As an RHS parent, I recently received the annual “Senior Survey” from the Guidance Department. It’s a report on post-graduate plans for the Class of 2011. According to the survey of 412 graduating seniors:

90.8% are attending a 4-year college (Last year, it was 88.8%)
4.6% are attending a 2-year college (Last year, it was 4.5%)
42.3% are attending a Public/State college (Last year, it was 40.7%)
57.7% are attending a Private college (Last year, it was 59.3%)
18.4% are attending a college in New Jersey (Last year, it was 21.4%)
9 seniors are attending an Ivy League College (Last year, it was 16 seniors)

College destinations for the top 20% of the Class of 2011:
Amherst College
Bates College
Bentley University
Binghamton University
Boston College
Boston University (2)
Bowdoin College
Brandeis University (2)
Brown University (2)
Bucknell University (2)
Colgate University
College of the Holy Cross
College of William and Mary (3)
Columbia University
Cornell University (4)
Duke University
Emerson College
Fordham University
Georgetown University
Hamilton College (3)
Johns Hopkins University (2)
Lehigh University
Middlebury College (3)
Muhlenberg College
New York University (3)
Northeastern University
Northwestern University
Oberlin College
Penn State
Providence College
Rutgers University (2)
Stevens Institute of Technology
The College of New Jersey (2)
The George Washington University
Tufts University
Tulane University
Universidad Interamericana de Costa Rica
University of California at Los Angeles
University of Chicago
University of Illinois at Urbano-Champaign
University of Maryland, College Park
University of Michigan (5)
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (2)
University of Notre Dame (3)
University of Richmond
University of Southern California
University of Virginia
Vanderbilt University
Vassar College (3)
Washington and Lee University (2)
Wesleyan University (2)
Williams College


Anonymous said...

I wonder why the Guidance Department sends out (and bothers to take) such misleading surveys. Any graduating student who has Naviance can produce much better information on how many people applied, were accepted, and where they decided to go.

Laurie said...

Actually, Naviance is where they get the info for the college application/acceptance numbers. Naviance is also where the survey is for students to indicate what school they decided to attend. Other questions on the survey (which I did not report here) include whether they hired an independent college counselor to assist with their search/application process, whether they took SAT or ACT prep courses or private tutoring for the SAT/ACT, and whether they have received any scholarships.

Later this weekend I'll post those numbers, if you're interested.

What are you referring to when you call the college destination data or senior survey "misleading?"

Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused then. I was told today by student with access to Naviance that some numbers for college destinations are not correct.
I regret saying "misleading", I thought this was a survey separate from Naviance. I do wonder about the difference.

Anonymous said...


I see now that what you published are "College destinations for the top 20% of the Class of 2011:"

What we saw on Naviance was for all of Class of 2011.

Anonymous said...

I think the information about whethor they took prep courses, tutors, etc. would be very interesting.
Also, could you publish the College destinations for the Class of 2011 (100%)?

Laurie said...

Sorry for the delay -- blogger was not letting me post any responses yesterday.

Here is a link to the Senior Survey results, with the tutoring info, etc:


And here is a link to the full list of college destinations:


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

As a parent of RHS students I care about the schools that the other 80% get into. Just showing the top 20% is PR work.

Why don't they brag about the rest of the students? Aren't they worthy of mention too?

Laurie said...

They did send out the whole list. And they also sent out the top 20% list. And several other lists. I just chose that one list to re-post here because it was quick and is the list that people tend to pay attention to.I apologize if I made it seem that RHS only posted that one list.

I do believe they are proud of all the students, whatever their post-graduation plans.

If you look above at my comment on June 12 at 10:20 AM, I posted a link to the list of all college destinations.

Anonymous said...

If they were proud of all the students they would not constantly highlight the "Top 20%". It is just PR, something that you should know about.

I am proud of all of my children. My B student worked harder than you will ever know.