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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

RHS fundraising success…and an apology.

Last week, the Ridgewood High School HSA President, Arlene Sarappo, reported that this year’s annual appeal and phone-a-thon raised more than $53,000. (More info click here.) Congratulations to the HSA and Development Committee leadership on a job well done! The money will be used to fund academic and classroom needs, including 24 state-of-the-art digital microscopes and 30 student laptops with charging cart. Thank you to all the parents who worked on the fundraiser and also to all those who pledged funds (including the Ridgewood Education Foundation, which donated a $6,000 challenge grant).

In a blog post on March 30, I hoped to explain to Ridgewood residents who were not familiar with the high school and its budget, why the HSA parents chose to fundraise. I expressed a personal opinion about the challenges of fundraising during the District’s “budget season.” My well-intentioned comments were misunderstood by a few of the very people I had hoped to help, and while I’ve already apologized to them directly, I’d like to do so again now. I am sorry that my comment caused anyone concern or disappointment.

Mostly, I want to acknowledge the immense work, sacrifice, personal commitment and dedication exhibited by the Development Committee and the HSA as a whole. As a parent, taxpayer, former HSA president and Board member, I appreciate everything that they do for our schools and for our children.

Once again, thank you and congratulations to the HSA for this successful effort!

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