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Monday, March 16, 2009

Rumor control: art is not being cut

I should have done this earlier today, but I did not know things had gotten so out of control. The word is that "a lot" of people are planning to attend tonight's meeting to protest cuts in the art program at RHS. I've received phone calls from concerned parents and heartfelt emails from upset students. Here's the problem and I'd appreciate if you'd spread this news far and wide as quickly as possible: the budget as proposed does NOT include any cuts of art programs or art curriculum. There's NO PROPOSAL TO CUT AHLISA. There's NO PROPOSAL TO CUT MAROON & WHITE RECITALS.

The proposal is to reduce administration by consolidating Art and Music instructional supervision. When the change takes place, there will be the SAME number of teachers teaching art in the classroom.

Fact: the arts are extremely important to the central office administration as well as the Board of Education.

It is unfortunate that students felt their art programs were threatened and they were encouraged to sign petitions and come to the meeting. Those kids have been misinformed and misled. Hopefully tonight's meeting will set the record straight.

If you want to get upset about anything, be upset about the proposed loss of Spanish teachers in grades 3-5. That's a real cut, with real consequences in the classroom, but unfortunately it's a better option than cutting regular classroom teachers. We'll get more info on the impact of that proposal tonight.

In the meantime, rest assured, the proposed budget does not cut the arts in the ways you've probably heard: AHLISA is not cut...Maroon & White is not cut...OK, I have a meeting to get to!

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