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Monday, November 16, 2009

Board of Ed meeting tonight

Head on over to the Ed Center, or tune in to our webcast, to watch tonight's meeting of the Board of Education. It starts at 7:30. A few highlights from the agenda:

-- Review of the annual report from our auditor on financial and administrative performance.
-- Some proposed course changes at RHS next year.
-- Discussion of our new Policy Manual...we've been working on revisions for the past year or so. No ground-breaking changes but lots of revision to ensure our policies are in compliance with state regulations. The draft Policy Manual is currently available on the District website (click here), if you want to take a look (warning: it's 1,500 pages long!)
-- Update on Referendum communications
-- Acceptance of donations from some very generous members of our community (thank you!)
-- Update on K-2 Math professional development
-- Various appointments, changes of assignment, bills, etc.

Oh, boy, this week's meeting required a ton of reading. I'm still reading.


Anonymous said...

What type of course changes at RHS?

Laurie said...

Nothing major. The full course catalog for 10-11 will be reviewed and approved by the Board at the December 7 meeting, but tonight Mr. Lorenz and Mr. Nyhuis from RHS informed us of course changes so we have time to learn about them and so that if the public wishes to give comment, they may.

New Courses:
Advanced Topics in Computer Science
Advanced Mathematics Applications
Web Design & Programming
Music Mentors
Integrated Physics and Art
Journalism Production I
Journalism Production II

Deleted Courses:
Journalism I/II

Course Name Changes:
Precalculus/Trigonometry to Precalculus
Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry to Advanced Algebra

Laurie said...

Correction: the full course catalog will be approved at a later date. Only the course changes which were presented on Nov. 16 will be approved on Dec. 7.