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Monday, November 16, 2009

What has the District been doing to maintain the buildings?

Currently posted on the District website is a report of building-by-building maintenance expenditures over the past 10 years.

Note: these are not major capital improvements. These are maintenance, which includes things like:

* Removal and replacement of asbestos tiles in gyms and classrooms
* Removal and replacement soiled and worn classroom carpeting with tile
* Renovation and refurbishment of classrooms, offices, and hallways (eg., recent work at RHS)
* General plumbing, electrical, roof , HV and HVAC repairs
* Installation of electronics/electrical (e.g. white boards, projectors, air conditioners, etc)
* Fence repairs and improvements (for example the fence that neighbors keep cutting over at BF!)
* Glass replacement
* Preventive maintenance (e.g. filter replacement, oil motors, clean and inspect uni-vents)
* Boiler inspections
* Boiler repairs
* Stack permits (yes, the state charges us for having chimneys that vent our boilers)
* Signage
* Site work (e.g. Curbs, paving, signage, concrete)

Click here for the complete 10-year spreadsheet (click on "Detailed Annual Maintenance Worksheet")

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