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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Donate frozen turkeys at BF

Last Thursday was the annual Turkey Trot at BF Middle School. Students, staff and parents walked the BF field...long ago students would get pledges, and then turkeys would be purchased with the funds raised. Nowadays, the walk is for fun and fitness and community, and turkeys are collected as donations.

The annual collection of frozen turkeys at BF Middle School will take place this Tuesday morning, November 24. Every year the BF community generously donates turkeys which are distributed by Social Services to local families in need. Last year there were a couple hundred turkeys donated -- this year the need is the same or even greater.

A lot of local families are hurting this year, and your donation of a turkey will make one family's Thanksgiving holiday a little easier. Please consider dropping off a frozen turkey at BF on Tuesday, before 8:30 AM. Turkeys will be collected in the back of the school at the cafeteria doors.


Anonymous said...

I believe the total number of turkeys donated was 130, just one shy of the previous record (perhaps someone could this).

Great job BF'ers. Your community is proud of you. There will be lots of appreciative and well-fed families on Thanksgiving.

Laurie said...

That's so great! Thanks to everyone!