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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Interview with Dr. Fishbein on Ridgewood Patch

Ridgewood Patch, the new online local news site, has posted a brief interview with Superintendent Dan Fishbein on the Referendum. It's a fairly accurate story, but...I don't know why the reporter felt the need to describe Dr. Fishbein's "spacious...corner office." Wow, sounds pretty fancy. Anyone who visits the Ed Center will notice that this historic building is anything but posh...Also, Dr. Fishbein's office is not in a corner. I guess it's spacious enough (I've seen much larger offices), and yes it's also somewhat cozy -- due in part to the nice paint job Dr. Fishbein did himself.

This might be a good time to point out that the Ed Center -- in the building that was formerly the Beech Street School, built in 1894 -- is not included in the list of Referendum projects. The building is in OK shape -- the roof has issues, there are leaks, the wind whistles through the windows like a freight train -- but we decided to focus on school buildings as the priority. You should stop by the Ed Center sometime...it's an interesting building. Did you know that the 3rd floor, where we hold public meetings, was the gymnasium? I find it amazing that they'd put a gym on top and classrooms beneath. Also, there's a good story about the construction of the building, which I wrote about last year (click here to read).

So, looking beyond the needs of the Ed Center and Ridgewood Patch's skewed portrayal of Dr. Fishbein's office, check out the Ridgewood Patch story. Click here to read the article.

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