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Monday, April 19, 2010

10 Reasons to Vote YES Tomorrow.

Ladies and gentlemen, our Top 10 List for tomorrow, April 20:
Top 10 Reasons to Vote YES on the school budget for 2010-2011.
(click on each for a full explanation)

#10 A Ridgewood education is a good value, with a relatively low Cost Per Pupil.

# 9 Our district is leaner than most districts.

# 8 Want cuts to administration? We've done it.

# 7 We held the tax increase to the 4% cap.

# 6 Our budget is DECREASING from 09/10 to 10/11.

# 5 We kept the budget cuts out of the classroom as much as possible.

# 4 We already enacted, long ago, the typical cost-saving measures.

# 3 There's no such thing as 'back to the drawing board.'

# 2 It's not all doom & gloom.

# 1 It's up to us.


msdworks said...

If only all these things could be said about the Board of Ed here in Jersey City. Alas it can not.

Hopefully if the three new board members we hope to get elected do get elected, maybe the same will come true here

Anonymous said...

Wow, you should be proud of #7, holding tax increases to 4% when inflation is 0%. Great job.