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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reason #9 to Vote YES on April 20:
Our ratio of students to administrators is high. We are leaner than most districts.

One of the ways to evaluate how “top heavy” a district is, is to look at its ratio of students to administrators. The more students there are per administrator, the better. Right? So how do we stack up?

According to the recently released Comparative Spending Report from the New Jersey Department of Education, Ridgewood’s ratio of students to administrators for 2009/10 is 207.2. This ranks us at #25 out of the 105 districts, grades K-12, with enrollment of 3501 or more. This is relatively efficient: many districts have far more administrators than Ridgewood.

Even though our current ratio of students to administrators is already fairly high, it will be even higher in next year’s DOE report, since we’re cutting administrators and supervisors inthe 2010/11 budget. Tomorrow, in Reason #8 to Vote YES, I’ll outline the administrative cuts that are planned.

Please vote YES on April 20.

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