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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reason #10 to Vote YES on April 20:
A Ridgewood education is a good value, with a relatively low Cost Per Pupil.

According to the recently released Comparative Spending Report from the New Jersey Department of Education, Ridgewood’s Cost Per Pupil ranks below the state average. Our CPP for 09/10 is $13,096. This ranks us as #49 in a low-to-high ranking of 105 K-12 districts with enrollment of 3,501 and up. (Last year, our ranking was #58, meaning our costs have risen less than other districts in that group.)

The highest spending district of comparable size is $18,882 in Pemberton Township. Do you think they get as high quality education in Pemberton Township as our children do in Ridgewood? Even with all that spending? I don’t think so.

FYI, the lowest spending district is Monroe Township at $10,132. The state average for districts of our size is $13,860.

The fact is: a Ridgewood education is a good value.

Please vote YES on April 20 so we can preserve -- and improve -- the efficiencies and the education we currently have.

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