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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reason #1 to Vote YES on April 20:
It’s up to us.

No one else is going to help us. The state has made it clear that we are on our own. No union will be riding in on its white horse to save the day with last-minute concessions. It’s up to us. The taxpayers. The community. We must take care of business for the good of Ridgewood. We owe it to our children and we owe it to the property owners of this town. Keeping our schools strong is the best way we can prepare our children for the future. Keeping our schools strong is our best chance for getting our property values back up. Approving this budget is the first step to keeping our schools strong.

This business of creating the budget, making the cuts and getting out the vote...this has all been just the prelude to the actual work that needs to begin to evolve the district...and it needs to begin soon.

Let’s stop blaming Christie. Let’s stop blaming the NJEA. Or the REA. Let’s stop blaming Trenton. Or whoever else “out there” you feel is undermining our schools. Forget about "sending a message." If you want to send a message, get involved and voice your opinion. When you’re in the election booth, none of that matters. In the booth, it’s time to stop the talk, and walk the walk (couldn’t resist).

It's up to us. Let’s come together, move past the budget and get busy improving the district and making the adjustments necessary to work within the economic reality of 2010-11.

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