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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Progress Reports for high school and middle school students are viewable online.

Parents of RHS, BF and GW students should have received an email this week, alerting us that progress reports are available for our students online, via the District's new Skyward student information system. I jumped on to check my son's report and was interested to see what kind of info was reported.

Once parents or students log-in to Skyward, for each class you can see your child's current grade as of the progress report cut-off date (not sure what that date was). You can also see comments from the teacher. In my son's case, all his teachers posted some sort of comment. One of his teachers specifically indicated some things that she would like him to do differently, and also recommended that he come after school for help. I'm not trying to air his "dirty laundry" -- my point is, I would not have known that he was having any "issue," whatsoever, in this class. I really appreciated having this info this early in the semester.

Of course, the real question is -- what do we parents do with this info? As much as I love transparency and access to information, I am keenly aware of my own tendency to get, shall we say, "over-involved." It's not that I want to meddle or interfere with teachers or assignments...but I know that as soon as I saw my son's progress report, I spoke to him about ways he could do some things differently. That's fine -- that's what I would have done if he had received a printed progress report. But looking into the future, I worry about giving parents like me access all semester long...I don't want to start checking grades every day and reacting to whatever I see, creating stress and conflict for my son.

It's exciting to start having more tools for engagement and more insight into our children's achievements, but we as a school community will need to carefully implement increased access for parents. We'll have to see how it goes.

Click here for instructions from the District on accessing Skyward progress reports.

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