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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let's all watch our behavior as our new fields get busy.

Our fields at Stevens and RHS Stadium were busy today on a chilly Spring day. It's so great to see the kids out there -- and their parents, friends, neighbors and others watching from the sidelines, chatting, hanging out. Great day! (Unfortunately, my family was watching my son play soccer on a muddy, uneven, ankle-breaker grass field in Union, NJ.)

While I'm thrilled to see our fields being used, I gotta say I heard a couple negative reports, mostly of trash left on the fields. (Really, people, did you grow up in a barnyard? Pick-up after yourselves!) Also there was at least one (leashed, well-behaved) dog at Stevens. No one understands more than me the lack of places to walk your dog in this town, but they cannot can NOT be on the turf fields! Please, it's been hard enough to get these fields open and used, we really don't need our players and families to be our own worst enemies!

If you're on any athletic field or park in Ridgewood tomorrow -- any field, whether it's BOE-owned, Village-owned, grass, turf -- look around and pick-up any trash or water bottles that you see.

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