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Monday, April 25, 2011

Watch RHS Girls’ Lacrosse beat Yorktown on Cablevision.

The RHS girls’ lacrosse team had a great game vs. Yorktown on Saturday, winning 19-13 at RHS Stadium. It was/is the only girls’ lax game to be broadcast live in the tri-state area on Cablevision, and they will be replaying it on CableVision IO TV Channels 14 and 614: tomorrow, Wednesday 4/27, at 3:00 p.m.

Apparently the half time presentation includes some overview of RHS, an interview with Principal Jack Lorenz, and more.

If I had Cablevision, I’d love to watch!


Anonymous said...

Laurie - you are so out of touch...60% of the town is against turf and 90% are offended by lights.

How can you not know this....?

Anonymous said...

Pandering to the Lacrosse parents.

Laurie said...

Sorry you think that, but no. I didn't even think of that cynical perception. I just wanted to tell people that they could watch the game and it was on today. State championship is a real achievement and those girls should be celebrated. Personally, I was mostly interested in the halftime story, which I was told talked about the school overall including the arts, academics, etc.