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Monday, April 4, 2011

Must be a late April Fool's joke?

He's got to be kidding, right? Yesterday Governor Christie announced his big idea to have a task force review all the mandates placed on schools and "return more of the power back to school districts and less from the central office in Trenton." Does he not read his own press? He hasn't cared about local control when it comes to the leadership of school boards, effectively taking away a community's right to hire and pay whom they want as their superintendent, the educational leader for their schools.

Let's just review quickly...do I have this right?

1. Cap superintendent pay so that more experienced superintendents who cannot afford to take significant pay cuts move to close-by districts like Nyack.
2. When districts complain that there are not enough qualified superintendents willing to work for lower salaries, relax the qualifications necessary to be a superintendent
3. Remove Executive County Superintendents who could have added some support to untried superintendents.
4. Give control over educational decisions back to the local level, to those inexperienced, unqualified superintendents.

Got it.

Yesterday's full story in the Bergen Record is here.

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