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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bergen Tech/Special Services finances coming under scrutiny (to put it mildly)

Have you been following the unfolding story on the Bergen County Technical and Special Services School Districts in the Bergen Record? The reporter is working this story hard -- and it appears there is plenty of bad recordkeeping (at the very least). What I find fascinating is the superintendent's repeatedly insensitive and defensive comments. Why do people do that? It is not helping the situation! This is public money...if someone wants to ask questions about how it's being spent, it's your job to answer, with details. OK, fine, take your time, clear up your records, gather receipts, whatever, but don't get belligerent!

I also don't understand some of the relationships among these districts, the Freeholders and the County Superintendent. They all seem to be caught not really knowing what the districts are doing, and pointing the finger at "the other guy," whom they thought was taking care of business appropriately. Never mind the odd fact that the county superintendent is ("by state statute") a member of Bergen County Tech and Special Services School Boards. I didn't know that. Isn't it a little strange that the county super sits on two of the boards that he also supervises? So he supervises himself?

Click here to read the article about travel expenses from last Sunday. Click here to read about employee use of district vehicles from yesterday.

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