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Monday, August 17, 2009

BOE 08-09 Self-Evaluation: Student Achievement & Finance

OK, in the interest of pacing...I thought I'd combine two sections tonight.

I'm not going to re-list the points system. You can click here to see what the ratings of 1-2-3-4 mean. Also, remember that the presentation and discussion of this evaluation took place at the Board meeting on 7/20, and you can watch the video by clicking here.

Section III. Student Achievement:

Our Board:
1. determines the district educational goals with input and data from administration. 3.7 (2)
2. requires written curriculum with specific evaluation components in accordance with all statutes. 3.8 (4)
3. requires systematic evaluation of and feedback on the instructional program. 3.6 (3)
4. uses the expertise of the professional staff, in development of curriculum, insuring it is focused on student achievement. 3.8 (4)
5. monitors the effectiveness of our instructional programs by measuring student achievement aqgainst state and local standards and other pertinent data. 3.8 (4)
6. sets high standards for all students based on multiple, assessment measures. 3.7 (3)

As a Board member, I:
A. am involved in determining district educational goals. 3.4 (3)
B. am aware of the communitiy's educational aspirations. 3.4 (3)
C. focus on improving student achievement as a basis in my educational decision-making. 3.4 (3)

The comments in this section focused on our work on the elementary math textbook process over the past year, as well as future evaluations of the new middle school schedule.

Section IV. Finance

Our Board:
1. exercises financial oversigh of all aspects of district operations in accordance with statutes. 3.6 (3)
2. provides policy guidelines and parameters, related to our goals, for budget development/evaluation. 3.4 (2)
3. requires that all requests for unbudgeted expenditures be accompanied by specific indication of need and funding sources. 3.3 (2)
4. balances the educational needs of students with the impact of budgetary increases. 3.8 (3)
5. reviews, understands and evaluates all financial reports to ensure that all educational dollars are used in an efficient and effective manner. 3.4 (4)

As a Board member, I:
A. understand the relationship between our budget and our district's goals. 3.4 (3)
B. understand and participate in our district's budgeting process. 3.4 (3)
C. understand and review the monthly reports. 2.8 (3)
D. understand and review the results of the annual audit. 3.0 (2)

Comments in this section talked about the work in developing this year's budget and making tough decisions on cuts.

So, there you have it. The next sections of the self-evaluation cover Board Operations and Board Performance.

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