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Sunday, August 23, 2009

BOE 08-09 Self-Evaluation: Board/Superintendent Relationships & Board/Staff Relationships

Here's the latest installment in our Board Self-Evaluation. Remember, 4 = Commendable, 3 = Good, 2 = Adequate, 1 = Unsatisfactory. Also, remember that the presentation and discussion of this evaluation took place at the Board meeting on 7/20, and you can watch the video by clicking here.

Section VII: Board/Superintendent Relationships:

Our Board:
1. respects the management responsibilities and administrative prerogatives of the superintendent. 3.7 (3)
2. works with the superintendent in a spirit of mutual trust and condfidence. 3.7 (3)
3. maintains ongoing open lines of communication, and observes the chain of command. 3.6 (3)
4. keeps the superintendent informed about community/school issues and aspirations. 3.8 (3)
5. conducts a comprehensive and fair annual evaluation of the superintendent in accordance with statute and code as per NJQSAC. 3.7 (3)
6. works with the superintendent to develop performance objectives for evaluation that are consistent with district goals and in compliance with district policy. 3.4 (3)
7. requires regular dialogue on progress towards district goals and objectives, student achievement and feedback on performance. 3.1 (2)

As a board member, I:
A. respect the management responsibility of the superintendent. 3.6 (3)
B. observe the chain of command. 3.2 (2)
C. participate fully in the superintendent evaluation process approaching the task of evaluation fairly and diligently. 3.4 (3)

Section VIII: Board/Staff Relationships

Our Board:
1. provides effective personnel policy direction and oversight. 3.5 (3)
2. recognizes the importance of staff development and provides the necessary time and funds. 3.6 (2)
3. provides for public recognition of staff achievements. 3.7 (3)
4. treats district staff with courtesy and respect, recognizing that the appropriate channel for board/staff communications is through the superintendent. 3.7 (4)
5. ensures that our actions and decision are quickly and effectively communicated to the staff. 3.0 (3)

As a board member, I:
A. communicate all concerns about staff members to the superintendent. 3.4 (3)
B. use and enforce the chain of command. 3.4 (3)
C. attend school and community activities. 3.6 (4)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these. I've found them very interesting. I'm curious about the fact that on a number of issues you voted lower than the board as a whole. Do you think that's because as the newest member you had a steeper learning curve last year, or do you perceive things differently than the other members?

Laurie said...

Well, I think it's a little of both -- the learning curve has been tremendous (and ongoing), but, quite frankly, it's mostly the latter. Despite what some may think, all of the members of the Board do not necessarily think alike. Also, on the personal ratings of myself, I tend to score myself on the lower side...I have high expectations and feel I can always do better. (That could also have to do somewhat with my "youth" on the Board, but it's also just my personality.)

I will be posting the final section of the Evaluation -- on Board/Community Relationships -- tomorrow and that section actually has the most variance in scores.