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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey, Gym.

I went to the RHS girls' basketball game last night. We played Teaneck and, despite an early lead, the Maroons ended up losing 64-52. No matter, I still love watching high school sports. You can't beat the spirit up-close action.

As I was sitting in Gym I at RHS, I was talking to another parent about how nice it will be to have a gym just like it at GW. A nice big gym with bleachers! Both of us were telling stories about trying to watch basketball games in the existing gyms at GW (be sure to stand up against the wall so as not to interfere with play) or at BF (before the risers when we parents would fight over the one or two chairs someone borrowed from a classroom).

Looking around Gym I, it dawned on me that the walls are so plain...why aren't there banners and such? Shouldn't there be championship banners and school records on the walls? Instead, the feeling is a bit warehouse-y. Hmmm...I feel like I remember seeing banners somewhere...maybe in one of the other gyms at RHS? I forgot to look before I left. Must explore further...


Anonymous said...

All of the banners were taken down when Gym 1 was repainted. Same with some of the original plaques throughout the hallways (plaques from the early 1900's!)

Anonymous said...

So, if they were taken down to paint the gym, this begs the question, why weren't they put back up?