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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Latest school-related bills proposed in Trenton

I thought you might find it interesting to see the types of school legislation which are constantly being proposed in Trenton. Dr. Fishbein regularly receives this update from the NJASA (New Jersey Association of School Administrators) and forwards to Board members and administrators:

On February 11, 2010 the following bills were introduced in the Senate and Assembly. Pay particular attention to bills S-1398, A-2142, A-2143, A-2157, A-2186 and A-2235. If you would like to read explanations of these particular bills, post a comment and I'll add the explanations. (They're pretty long to include here.)

NOTE: If you desire to read any of the bills listed below in their entirety please visit the New Jersey Legislature web site at http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/ , and type the bill number in the bill search box to the right.

S-1373 Weinberg (D-37) Requires boards of education to provide certain nutritional information for food and beverage items offered for sale in school cafeterias. (2008:S-2855)

S-1377 Weinberg (D-37) Directs the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association to waive 365-day period of ineligibility for interscholastic sports upon an affirmative demonstration that the transfer is for non-athletic reasons. (2010:A-2171)

S-1398 Weinberg (D-37) Revises criminal history record check process undergone by public and nonpublic school employees and bus drivers. (2008:S-110; 2006:S-2838)

A-2086 Cryan (D-20) Provides that the salary of an administrator of an approved private school for students with disabilities may not exceed median salary of comparable school district administrators. (2008:A-3996)

A-2091 Rible (R-11) Requires disclosure of all campaign contributions received and expenditures made by school board candidates.

A-2097 Conaway (D-7) Revises requirement for school district participation in Alliance for Competitive Telecommunications program and requires consultation with New Jersey Association of School Business Officials on certain training. (2008:A-1927; 2006:A-4361)

A-2137 Conners (D-7); Conaway (D-7) Provides for educational stability of children placed in resource family homes and that school district of residence for the child shall be present district of residence of parent or guardian. (2010:S-1333)

A-2142 Jasey (D-27); Evans (D-35) Requires Commissioner of Education to accept charter school applications throughout the year and expedites approval of charter school applications.

A-2143 DeAngelo (D-14) Provides for the election of school board members at November general election and eliminates vote on school budgets except for separate proposals to spend above cap which will also occur at general election. (2008:A-15)

A-2157 Handlin (R-13) Provides that receipt of public pension or retirement allowance be suspended during reemployment with public employer; allows enrollment in DCRP based on such reemployment. (2010:S-1320)

A-2171 Vainieri Huttle (D-37) Directs the New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association to waive 365-day period of ineligibility for interscholastic sports upon an affirmative demonstration that the transfer is for non-athletic reasons. (2010:S-1377)

A-2186 Moriarty (D-4); Greenwald (D-6) Requires certain school districts to reduce per pupil administrative expenditures by 10% over three-year period and certain reporting by executive county superintendents of schools. (2008:A-10)

A-2200 Johnson (D-37) Permits a child whose parent or guardian is ordered into active military service to remain enrolled in the school district where the child's parent or guardian resided prior to active military service. (2008:A-4314)

A-2235 McKeon (D-27) Requires small school districts to share superintendents and school business administrators under certain circumstances. (2008:A-2060; 2006:A-1867)

A-2260 Diegnan (D-18) Lengthens service life of certain school buses to 15 years. (2008:A-371; 2006:A-3369)

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