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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ridgewood SAT scores top Bergen County

I still haven't had time to go through the DOE's report card for Ridgewood schools, but I saw this story tweeted by the Bergen Record, reporting that the state report card shows Ridgewood's SAT scores are #1 in Bergen County, behind only the Bergen Academies.

Principal Jack Lorenz was quoted in the story, which focused on the tie between a community's income and its SAT scores:

John Lorenz, principal of Ridgewood High School, said his school’s high marks signified more than the district’s income; it reflected quality teachers, challenging courses and creative initiatives, such as a village library program for students learning English as a second language.

"There are some good things going on here in a strong partnership with parents and the community," he said. "This is one of the most outstanding high school faculties I’ve worked with. This staff doesn’t teach to the test but they know what’s on the test and they make sure kids are exposed to that content. It’s a good formula."

You can say that again!


Anonymous said...

Great news!

I'm sure even the nattering nabobs of negativism won't be able to complain this!!

Anonymous said...

"...nattering nabobs of negatism..."

Who let the REA rep in? Or, perhaps a more probing question: how many kids took SAT prep with Kaplan and others and spent hundreds of dollars (or more) to supplement what the teachers are not doing at RHS?

If Jack Lorenz were super, this would be a great district. He is the bright spot in an otherwise sinking ship.

Please feel free to call me a 'nabob'...we are not getting the best education for the tens of millions spent. I pray that things turn around.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, you drank the Jack Lorenz koolaid! He's a pretty good principal...when he decides to stick around. He might have been an OK superintendent (although the political games he plays can get somewhat tiresome). But he's not the superintendent, so let's move on.

And I beg to differ -- we ARE getting a great education for the tens of millions spent. The SAT is just one measure and pretty much everyone agrees its not a very good measure. I am curious what measurment device do you use?

Laurie said...

Hey, now. Let's stay away from comments about specific staff members, please. Puts me in an odd position, you know?

But on the SAT prep issue -- my daughter did the full-on Kaplan prep and her scores went DOWN!

As I've written before, I believe the SAT has limited usefulness and I applaud those colleges who are making it optional or not even using it. Check out www.fairtest.org for interesting info.

So, yes, I think the SAT is overblown, but can you blame me for wanting to pass along positive news when it appears in the newspaper?

Anonymous said...

Only a nattering nabob of negativism think Ridgewood Public Schools is a "sinking ship".

The glass is always half empty with these complainers. They must be a lot of fun at a party...NOT!

Fortunately, there are very few of them in town -- as witnessed by their inability to defeat school referendums, BOE budgets, and BOE incumbent candidates.

Anonymous said...

Lorenz is a solid guy. He has guts. Every time I encounter him at a meeting proves that he is not railroaded by some of the resident 'intelligencia' that has wormed its way into Ridgewood schools. Unfortunately, there is no federal 'horse sense' test, but he'd ace it.

Most of the teachers I meet today are hacks. There are some good ones and I constantly thank them for a great job.

ACT is better than SAT for measurement, but Laurie's topic was SAT.