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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thank you Jamboree, Thank you Ridgewood!

Had a great time with our annual Board of Ed cameos in Jamboree. Last night was the last night of the three-night run of “And the Winner Is…” What a great show, positive energy, remarkable talent…and a whopping $100,000 raised for scholarship money for Ridgewood High School graduating seniors! I mean, really, in this economy, that’s an even greater feat than it appears to be. Wow.

Of course, live theater comes with unexpected glitches, and last night we Board of Ed members were the “glitchers.” It took place during the check presentation, when the show’s producers announce the scholarship amount and Dr. Fishbein accepts the giant check, along with Principal Jack Lorenz (or Vice Principal Basil Pizzuto on one night). At every rehearsal and performance, we were encouraged to quickly leave the stage immediately after Dr. Fishbein’s brief “thank you.” Every night they said “Hurry! Faster!” from the wings and from the orchestra pit. So last night, as soon as Dr. Fishbein finished speaking, we turned and beat it off that stage…only to find that last night, unlike all the other nights, Mr. Lorenz decided to say a few words. He was very gracious in expressing his thanks to the parents and community for Jamboree and everything it represents, both tangible and intangible. I just feel bad that the Board of Ed ran off the stage and didn’t stick around to hear and show our appreciation for his remarks.

I know it was just a minor thing, but I apologize to Mr. Lorenz for our faux pas. I can think of many ways it could have been worse… There’s always next year!

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