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Monday, June 21, 2010

Carpool or walk to Planning Board meeting tonight (and here's why the meeting was moved)!

updated 1:16 PM

The Planning Board meets tonight at 7:30 p.m. at George Washington Middle School, and I just learned that parking will NOT be permitted in the West Side Presbyterian Church parking lot across the street. I'm not sure if this is because the church has a previously scheduled event tonight, or because the Village didn't want to pay for parking -- West Side does not allow their parking lot to be used for events at GW without being paid. The District pays to allow teachers to park there during the day, and West Side charges us if we encourage people to park there for other school events.

I'm going to give West Side the benefit of the doubt...it's their parking lot and if they need it tonight, then they need it. I just don't want this to somehow become the BOE's fault!

FYI -- the meeting was moved from BF to GW because our RHS Senior Parents are working like crazy tonight at BF to get Project Graduation ready for Wednesday. Tonight is one of their biggest work nights and they will have dozens of volunteers working in the gym, hallways around the gym and cafeteria, the cafeteria itself and parking lot. They need to have materials spread out all over, and they need to constantly cross the parking lot back and forth to the storage room. Not to mention parking for their volunteers. And of course, for all of this, they need to maintain the secrecy which is one of the hallmarks of the 50-year tradition.

So hopefully everyone can remain civil tonight at GW...in the parking lot and in the meeting. (Good thing I already have a parking place lined up in the driveway of a friend!)

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