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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tomorrow’s BOE Meeting agenda.

Some of the topics on tomorrow’s Board of Education agenda:

• Recognition of various parent volunteer groups, including Jamboree, Federated HSA, Super Science Saturday, Dads’ Night…as well as celebration of the RHS Girls’ Lacrosse Team for winning the state championship.

• Approval of a variety of staff changes for 2010-11. Many of these are due to the “bumping” that occurs when positions are eliminated and the tenured staff in those positions have bumping rights to other positions in the district. It’s a lot like musical chairs and it’s impossible to predict up front where everyone is going to land. We’ll also approve the resignation/retirements of several long-time staff members.

• Many of the construction bids are in for the Referendum Projects, and we’ll be approving several of them tomorrow night. The bids are mostly coming in below what was budgeted, so that’s good news! Very exciting to think about all the work that will be taking place beginning this summer.

Wow, it doesn’t look like a big agenda when I list it here, but those are big, detailed topics. As always, you are all welcome to join us at the Ed Center, 3rd floor, at 7:30 p.m. Or, watch on Channel 77 or online at the District website.


Anonymous said...

2.5% is coming so hang on to you seat next year !!!!

Laurie said...

Okeedokee, I will.

Oh, wait, did you mean my actual "seat" on the Board? ;)

We're all going to have to "hang on" and accept dramatic changes to our education, if the 2.5% cap becomes law. We'll manage one way or another.