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Friday, June 11, 2010

Post-graduate plans for the RHS Class of 2010.

Last night I had the honor of participating in the Senior Awards Ceremony at RHS. What an impressive group of students (and what a generous community in giving scholarships!).

Based on a survey of all 420 graduating seniors:

88.6% are attending a 4-year college (Last year, it was 88.0%)
4.5% are attending a 2-year college (Last year, it was 7.9%)
40.8% are attending a Public/State college (Last year, it was 40.1%)
59.2% are attending a Private college (Last year, it was 59.9%)
21.6% are attending a college in New Jersey (Last year, it was 22.1%)
16 seniors will be attending an Ivy League College (Last year, it was 12 seniors)

College destinations for the top 20% of the Class of 2010:

American University
Amherst College
Bard College
Boston College (2)
Boston University (3)
Bowdoin College (2)
Brown University
Carnegie Mellon University
Colgate University (2)
College of William and Mary
Columbia University (3)
Connecticut College
Cornell University (4)
Dartmouth College (2)
Drexel University
Fordham University (2)
George Washington University (3)
Georgetown University
Hamilton College (3)
Johns Hopkins University (2)
Lehigh University
Loyola University (2)
McGill University (2)
Middlebury College
New York Institute of Technology
New York University
Northwestern University (2)
Pratt Institute
Rice University
Ringling College of Art and Design
Rutgers University
Skidmore College (3)
The College of New Jersey (3)
Towson University
Tufts University (3)
Tulane University
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Michigan (2)
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
University of Pennsylvania (2)
University of Richmond (4)
University of Rochester
University of Vermont (2)
University of Virginia (2)
Vanderbilt University
Vassar College
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Wake Forest University
Washington and Lee University
Wesleyan University
Williams College

Congratulations and all the best to the Class of 2010 and their parents!

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Anonymous said...

Another list to be proud of. Great job class of 2010 and great job that the Ridgewood Public Schools have done to educate these kids!