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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tell us what you think! Parent/guardian survey launched today.

Adapted from today's press release:

The Ridgewood Board of Education is conducting a survey of parents and guardians whose children attend district schools. The online survey, an outgrowth of the Board’s ongoing commitment to enhance two-way-communication, was distributed by e-mail today.

“The Board of Education is always interested in learning parent and guardians’ perceptions of their children’s educational experience,” said Board president Michele Lenhard. “In undertaking this survey, the Board will seek to gather information on a variety of topics. We will use that input to help us align our goals with the community’s experience and expectations. Effectively, we are asking the simple question, ‘How are we doing?’ ”

The survey, designed to be given annually, will cover five general themes relating to: parent and child satisfaction in school; academics; extra-curriculars; facilities and communications. A sixth section will ask questions on a unique topic each year. This year’s special section will focus on the flow of school information and the district website.

Today, all Ridgewood district parents and guardians with email address on file with the district should have received an e-mail with a private link to the survey for each school that their children attend. The survey is to be completed based on the experience of the youngest child currently enrolled in each school. Respondents will have until midnight on Thursday, June 17, to complete the survey, which should take approximately 15 minutes to fill out.

Responses to survey questions will remain anonymous. The collected data will be shared with the community and will be used by the Board of Education as part of its evaluation of district policies and practices.

“Two years ago the Board identified enhanced two-way communication with the community as one of its goals for the school year, including the creation of a survey,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Daniel Fishbein. “This year again, one of the Board goals is to determine parent/guardian opinions on a variety of topics related to our schools and the education our students receive. The Board Communications Committee has worked hard to develop a brief, user-friendly survey that we hope will capture valuable data regarding our effectiveness. I am asking all parents and guardians to please make your opinions known by completing the survey before the June 17 deadline. Watch your e-mail box for your survey link. Thank you in advance for your participation.”

Dr. Fishbein sits on the Board Communications Committee along with me and Board member Sheila Brogan, and district public information officer, Debra Anderson.

Questions about the survey can be sent to survey10@ridgewood.k12.nj.us. Print copies of the survey will also be available at all schools and the Education Center, 49 Cottage Place, for those without access to email.

Anyone who does not wish to receive further survey e-mails can opt-out of the survey by sending an e-mail to unsubscribesurvey10@ridgewood.k12.nj.us

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