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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why the police at RHS field?

Someone asked me today why there has been a police officer standing at the Heermance entrance to RHS for the past few days. This was a requirement by the Village for the work on the Stadium field. They said it would be mandatory that a police officer be stationed there for "safety" reasons, due to the trucks entering and exiting. The cost is being paid by the District. And if you think this is a waste of money, you're right. But it was a requirement in order to get our permits.

Aside from that, the fields are looking great. I haven't been by yet today, but yesterday the gravel on Stevens was so flat and level and smooth. What a great improvement that is going to be for the kids playing on that field. Maybe I'll post a picture or two later.

The rest of the construction projects are rolling along. It's truly amazing to go through town and see all the activity. I think at this point I'm most excited about the RHS roof finally being complete and the field improvements. Speaking of roofs, several are being repaired throughout the District, but one that's not -- and which really, really needs it -- is the Ed Center roof. There are so many leaks, birds getting into the attic, other critters...I believe estimates are being prepared, and research is being done to learn what repairs can and cannot be done on a building that's on the National Register of Historic Places. There's a (probably slim) possibility of grant money that is being explored as well. The slate roof on the beautiful landmark building is probably the most durable, long-lasting roof they could have installed. I'm sure the builders were impressed with the projected 100-year lifespan. But it's been 115 years, so...


Anonymous said...

The police mandate is disturbingly silly. Does the clock tower have a painted on clock now? It doesn't look real

Laurie said...

Good eye! Yes, they took the clock down a month or so ago to repair/replace it. The old one hadn't worked in years. They had to cover the opening with something as a placeholder, so they put up the painted faux clock.