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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Teacher Recognition

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the annual Teacher Recognition Reception at the Ed Center. It is SUCH a great and positive event. The 10 awarded teachers were lined up in front of the room, which was packed with other teachers, administrators, family members, parents and students. Dr. Fishbein read some good words about each teacher, describing a little bit about why he or she was selected. It was great.

Also great was the musical presentation that preceded the awards. Last night, we were so very lucky to see and hear a presentation by the Ridgewood High School Percussion Ensemble. They literally blew us away with their skill and rhythm and enthusiasm and precision. Wow! I hope the performance will be posted on the distict website soon -- when it is, I'll include a link here.

The 2009 Teacher Recognition Award Winners are:

Hawes -- Andrew Raupp
Orchard -- Megan Price
Ridge -- Deirdre Brewer
Somerville -- Sally Lewis
Travell -- Elizabeth Henky
Willard -- Donald Friel
BF -- Donna Skettini
GW -- Leah Dodd
RHS -- Lucy Fern
Special Programs -- Amy Caughlan

Congratulations and thank you!

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