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Friday, September 10, 2010

BOE 09-10 Self-Evaluation: Policy


This is a continuation of my previous post on our Board self-evaluation, which was discussed at the 8/30 Board meeting (click here for webcast).

Reminder: Board members (and Dr. Fishbein) rated each statement on a scale of 1-4:
1 = Unsatisfactory.
2 = Adequate
3 = Good
4 = Commendable
("Not Observed" was also an option)

Each section has two subsections: "About the Board" and "About You, the Board Member." (Only Board members rated the statements in the second subsection.)

I am sharing the average scores for each statement and then, (in parentheses), the score I gave.

So here we go. Today let's look at...

Section 2: Policy:

Our Board:
1. operates as a "policy-making body." 3.2 (3)
2. develops broad policies that give the administration sufficient authority and latitude to manage the day-to-day operations. 3.2 (4)
3. uses written policies as the framework for our decision-making process. 3.0 (3)
4. reviews and updates the policy manual regularly as required by NJQSAC insuring that our bylaws, policies and procedures reflect current regulatory, and statutory requirements. 3.7 (4)
5. ensures that the administration develops appropriate procedures and regulations to implement the board's policy intent. 3.3 (4)

As a board member, I:
A. am familiar with the Board's policies. 2.8 (2)
B. use Board policy as a basis for decision-making. 3.0 (3)
C. leave policy implementation to the administrative staff. 3.2 (3)
D. avoid involvement in day-to-day operations of the district. 3.0 (2)

My next Board Self-Evaluation post will cover Student Achievement.

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