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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Help me test this new live anonymous polling feature!

UPDATE 9/14/10: I took down the poll test. It was pretty cool, but it has a few issues that I need to work out, namely that it was a little hard to read (too small). I'll play around with it more later, but for now it was cluttering up my page so I've taken it down. I'll keep you posted.!)

You may have noticed a window at the top of this page. I'm testing out a really cool app called Poll Everywhere. It is mainly designed to be used during meetings or presentations or classroom sessions. It allows the audience to use their cellphones to text-in feedback or answers to questions, which are then displayed live on a screen. It's a cool way to engage the audience in the discussion, better than having people raise their hands to comment, nobody can hear what they said, taking turns, etc. Much more dynamic. Anyway, there is also a web component, so that answers can be displayed online, like here on my blog.

I thought I would test it out here first, before I try using it in some meeting scenario.

So text in your answers, whenever, wherever, as many times as you like...share with your friends...let's see how this thing works!

See the instructions above the poll window -- text 112137 plus your response to 22333.

I'll keep this up for a few days and see what happens...

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