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Sunday, September 5, 2010

RHS site work is extensive (and almost done).

Friday I took a school construction tour with Dr. Fishbein and BOE member Sheila Brogan. So much work being done at the high school. Outside, there have been repairs and rebuilding of sidewalks, stairs, railings, drainage, etc. It's looking so nice! And the roofs -- with the completion of this work, the entire high school should be dry this winter!

Have you noticed the new copper on the clock tower roof? I was on West Ridgewood Avenue driving toward town last week and was blinded by a ridiculously shiny something in the distance. Turns out it was the high school tower! It looks great (along with the new -- accurate! -- clock).

The decorative brick entry on Heermance, a gift from the Class of 1923, has been repaired, too. It will look even nicer once all the new fencing and landscaping around the new field is complete.

And lest you worry that I'm commenting only on how "nice" everything looks, rest assured that these projects were not about looks. The sidewalks and stairs around campus were safety hazards as well as financial drains, requiring constant repairs, repointing of bricks, etc. The Heermance arched wall was leaning precipitously and, sure enough, as soon as they started to repair it, the whole thing fell down. And the roofs, well, that copper looks nice but the real motivation is the leaks endured for years, with our facilities department constantly playing catch-up, when what was really needed was full-scale repair and replacement of the remaining sections.

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